Blair Harrington

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Where are you located? 
I'm 18 years old living in Western Australia, currently studying a Bachelor in Outdoor Education at Notre Dame Fremantle, then hopefully a double major in secondary teaching. Living south of the river, we are more subjected to the beach and the more chilled environment. living within 5 mins from the bach has its perks, easy access to a quiet getaway.

What does your job as a rescue diver entail? 
As a Qualified rescue Scuba diver, I am qualified to give CPR to a unresponsive diver, help and manage distressed divers. It enables me to move on to the next step towards becoming a Dive Master, then on to teaching what I love doing. Diving in my life has become more of a lifestyle than a hobby, if I could chose I would rather not come up to the surface
Tell us about your connection to the ocean? 
Ever since I can remember I have always lived within walking distance from the beach, being that close to the water allowed me to spend more time there than at home. It just felt right to be there, I'm not scared of sharks or rays, or getting lost. I have dove with great white sharks whilst on a trip in South Africa, Manta Rays In Lembongan, white, black tip reef sharks in the Gili's, and our very own Grey nurse shark just south of where I live. People just don't understand that its another world under there, its new every time you go down, something different. The Photography part of my life is heavily supported by the ocean, my camera equipment doesn't like it as much as I do, but she'll be right. Without the ocean I definitely would not be the person I am today. 

Talk to us about your new brand fine sands and the concept behind your new brand? 
Brandon and I one night decided we were sick of paying loads of money for clothes that we liked. So we just thought maybe we could give it a crack and make our own clothing brand. We asked around, people that we knew, if we made a surf, outdoor clothing apparel would they buy a shirt and keep up to date with our progress, the response was overwhelming. With our own designs on them, we have a few items that will portray what we are as a company, we set a few goals and have already ticked some off. We hit a few road blocks in the process but now that we have managed to create a gathering and a half decent idea on what we want to be, the only way now is up. Fine Sands to me, is a small growing partnership that we have always dreamed of making, slowly but surely, this dream will become reality. And not everyone can say, that they own clothing brand with their best mate. We can only hope that we become successful.

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